Friday 17 April 2015

Introducing Musicality in Classroom through WORLD VOICE PROJECT

What is World Voice Project?

World Voice is a British Council’s global Schools/ Arts project which supports young people to develop musically and contributes to wider learning through song. It is multifaceted, answering to education and arts agendas, with cultural relations at its heart. World Voice project had been implemented in many countries around the world – Senegal, Ethiopia, Argentina, Jordan, India and Chile This year (2014/15) it is being rolled out in further countries including Palestine, Brazil, Colombia, Sudan and both Bangladesh and Nepal in South Asia.

The project builds on a body of expertise within the British Council and aims to bring high quality teacher training opportunities which in turn will provide new learning experiences for young people in Nepal. In particular the programme aims to support those who have not previously had opportunities of this kind.

Why singing in classroom is important?

Singing is a valuable skill for any musician and/or teacher, and offers an opportunity to explore and develop musicality. It offers enjoyment and fulfilment from singing with others. It provides opportunities to learn about music and its customs and conventions, and how it is embedded in different cultures.

This project also offers opportunities to use song as a means to achieve other outcomes, such as learning and cooperation, social skills, mental and physical health benefits and language development. The project is needed as this medium is underdeveloped as an educational tool in many parts of the world including Nepal.

How and where it is being implemented in Nepal?

World Voice in Nepal is supported by Ministry of Education and jointly implemented by the British Council and the National Centre of Educational Development (NCED), Sanothimi. The Project targets to reach 15 districts of Nepal by the end of its third year of implementation. At the present master training, 38 teachers from around the valley and musicians from the educational sector are participating. The master trainers will further support the project to reach out to the 15 districts of Nepal.

The training is being conducted by the artistic director of the project Richard Frostick- his profile can be viewed here. 

More details of the project can be read at


About the British Council

The British Council is a registered not-for-profit- organization that operates as an executive non-departmental public body. The British Council creates international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and builds trust between them worldwide. The British Council has been working in Nepal since 1959 AD and currently, it offers services in 6 cities in Nepal.

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