Education Symposium 2024
Education Symposium 2024 
Monday 26 February 2024

Press Release

British Council Nepal organised the 7th Education Symposium with the theme of ‘Educational excellence through the professional development of teachers and teacher educators’, in Kathmandu.

Throughout the years, the British Council’s annual symposiums have provided important platforms for discussions on critical issues affecting Nepal's education landscape, from inclusive education to the integration of technology in teaching practices to assessment to creative education through arts. These dialogues have been instrumental in shaping the direction of the education sector in Nepal.

This year, the focus is on Continuing Professional Development for teachers and teacher educators - a theme closely aligned with Nepal's School Education Sector Plan (SESP). The British Council's approach to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of teachers and teacher educators reflects our global knowledge and expertise in understanding teaching and teacher development. We aim to provide high-quality CPD opportunities worldwide, enhancing educators' practice and contributing to their learners' success.

The School Education Sector Plan highlights the need for teacher development to ensure quality school education and minimum learning achievement for each child. Updating the teacher competency framework, implementing teacher preparation programmes, improving the professional development system, and establishing teacher support systems are among SESP's strategies to enhance the quality of education.

The symposium explores the direction of the teacher support mechanism in Nepal, alongside the sharing of policies, practices and successful models from the UK and around the world. The research publications ‘The Practices, Perspectives and Professional Needs of In-service Teacher Educators in Nepal’ and the Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Teacher Training Curriculum, developed in partnership with the Centre for Education and Human Resource Development (CEHRD), were also launched at the symposium.

H.E. Rob Fenn, British Ambassador to Nepal, at the opening shared, ‘The UK government has been providing support to Nepal to achieve its human development indicators, including through the Global Partnership for Education (GPE). The British Embassy Kathmandu and the British Council are committed to supporting the implementation of Nepal's School Education Sector Plan, working and collaborating with all three tiers of governments.’

Suresh Adhikari, Secretary, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology shared those remarks at the opening ceremony, ‘British Council has emerged as a pivotal ally in advancing systematic reforms within our education sector. Over time, the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology has collaborated closely with the British Council, leveraging their expertise in educational reform and capacity building. Furthermore, there's been a joint effort to establish professional partnerships with schools and institutions in the UK, aimed at enhancing educational standards and practices.' 

Shahida MacDougall, Country Director of British Council Nepal, shared at the symposium, ‘As Nepal aims to graduate to a middle-income status by 2030, the importance of education reforms cannot be overstated. A robust education system not only equips individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary for personal success but also catalyzes economic growth and social development.’

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