British Council Nepal launched its new monthly IELTS Reward Scheme 2017 and celebrated with the first five winners on July 26. Each winner received a cheque for NPR 20,000. Each month five IELTS candidates will get the same Reward. This Reward was decided after a Facebook campaign got the views of British Council IELTS customers.

Country Exams Manager of British Council Nepal, Jim O’Neill handed over the rewards to the winners of the scheme. 

Sharing about their experience of doing IELTS with British Council, winner Bimarsha Dawadi said, “British Counci’s IELTS is recognized globally and in Nepal it’s great to see that British Council Nepal has maintained the international standard of conductive examination. All venue staffs are highly trained and they are equally focused at each candidate and facilitate accordingly.”

Another winner Nikesh Raj Shrestha, who is planning to do his higher studies in Australia added, “IELTS today is the most recognized examination worldwide. Even the universities in the US today recognize IELTS highly. Therefore, when it comes to IELTS, we can close our eyes and trust British Council for its credentials, authenticity and global reputation.”

Rambika Karki, another winner who also is planning to study in Australia shared, “While we may have to think about many fall backs with doing IELTS with other institution in the market, we do not have to worry about anything other than our own preparation with British Council. We know the logistics will never go wrong here.”

Similarly, winner Dipak Singh Bhandari spoke highly of British Council’s rules and regulations with IELTS examination, “I am very satisfied with British Council’s standard of conducting examination. British Council makes sure that the whole process is done smoothly on each test date, fairly and in such a peaceful atmosphere.”

All the winners enunciated together that they will share their experience of giving IELTS with British Council and will encourage their friends to register IELTS with British Council for a fair examination experience and to begin their journey of fulfilling their higher education dreams. 

Registration partners should also choose British Council so that their own customers get this chance to enjoy the new monthly Reward.


Rambika Karki
Dipak Singh Bhandari
Bimarsha Dawadi
Nikesh Raj Shrestha

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