Thinkins are brainstorming sessions where a broad cross section of  women from all backgrounds and walks of life come together to share their ideas and stories and to design the WOW programme. What has to be included in the Festival? Whose voices have to be heard? What stories have to be told? What topics have to be addressed?

In November/ December 2016 and in the build up to WOW Kathmandu a series of Thinkins were hosted across South Asia to find out what WOW might look like in those countries and to brainstorm ideas for speakers and topics for WOW Kathmandu which will feature delegates from all the South Asian countries. Incredibly inspiring sessions in Kabul, Karachi, Dhaka, Delhi, Colombo, Kathmandu!

Jude Kelly, Artistic Director of Southbank Centre and Founder of WOW and Melanie Eusebe, Executive Producer of WOW attended the sessions in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. And films of Jude were recorded for the sessions in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

These sessions were a great brainstorming and networking opportunity for all involved.  From the sessions key themes that emerged included: collaboration, celebration, connection, empowerment and inclusion. All the Thinkins focused on how we can put women’s stories centre stage.

WOW Thinkin, Kathmandu

On November 30, 2016, British Council Nepal organized a WOW Thinkin event for anyone and everyone to come and help plan and share ideas for WOW  Kathmandu. Women from different walks of life, background and experiences had gathered on the same platform to learn, share and inspire their stories, ideas and experience. And these women came up with brilliant ideas on how to shape the new platform for women — WOW Kathmandu.   Parallel Thinkins happened in countries around South Asia and contribute to the festival in Kathmandu.

Founder of WOW festival Jude Kelly and WOW Executive Producer Melanie V Eusebe participated at the event to facilitate the discussion. See photos below!

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