SSDP TA-9215 is a national level technical assistance project which supports the Nepal Government’s Ministry of Education Science and Technology in quality and timely delivery of  SSDP implementation objectives.  Education being a key strategic area for the British Council, supporting the SSDP reform programme will build trust and engagement with the Government and development partners and positions British Council as an expert in education programme delivery.  

SSDP TA 9219 aims to support the School Sector Development Plan (SSDP) Program Secretariat and Development Partners by undertaking activities related to capacity strengthening, technical assistance, program management & monitoring, and knowledge management areas that is vital to ensure equitable access to education, improved quality of education and improved governance and management of the school education system.

The Government of Nepal approved the School Sector Development Plan (SSDP) for FY 2017-FY2023 to continue its efforts in addressing challenges of school education in the areas of access and quality of education to translate into learning outcomes, weak governance, management and institutional capacity. 

The SSDP TA 9215 is a co-financed TA facility by the ADB and EU and implemented by the British Council to support the government in key areas that is vital to ensure that capacities are strengthened at all level and timely, quality and coordinated technical assistance is provided to ensure SSDP objectives as outlined in the program results framework are achieved. The Capacity and Institutional Development plan which has been recently approved by ADB, EU and the government guides the TA project implementation. 

Post Covid-19

In response to the recent Covid crisis, the TA has been proactively supporting the government around project management and reporting through virtual means. One activity that stands out is supporting the first virtual Budget Review Mission (BRM) which was highly appreciated by the government and the DPs. Further support has been envisaged towards the development and implementation of digital content for teachers and pupils. 


The TA is still at the initial stage to assess the outcome.  However, by the end of the project period, the TA support will help enhance the sector capacity at a federal, provincial and local level, operationalise web-based EMIS for tracking policy implementation and sector performance reporting, strengthen knowledge management through two national conferences, two research studies and two study visits for policymakers around local governance and EMIS areas, strengthen coordination mechanisms between the government and the development partners, and increase awareness of the SSDP interventions in the decentralised context through a robust communication strategy.

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