Social Action Projects (SAP) are student-led initiatives where students identify a social issue prevalent in their local community and take steps to solve the issue. British Council Nepal has been supporting Schools in Nepal since 2012 to engage their students in SAP by providing leadership trainings to the students alongwith a grant towards implementing the SAP projects. The projects range from various themes like raising awareness on road safety, HIV aids, waste management, disability awareness to campaign against selling cigarettes and alcohol to minors. SAP provides the students an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills and to take action towards bringing positive change in their communities. SAP also teaches collaboration and communication skills to the students through the group-led initiatives that are focused on achieving a common goal. In addition, SAP also enhances their critical thinking and problem solving and citizenship skills as the projects focus on working towards resolving a prevailing social issue and making the children responsible for driving the change.

Since 2012, 150 schools have participated in SAP.

2012/13 - 20 schools
2013/14 - 20 Schools
2014/15 - 30 schools
2015/16 - 30 schools
2016/17 - 30 schools
2017-18 - 20 schools

Read about some of the significant impact made by students in the case studies below.