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Twenty schools from different districts of Nepal were awarded £200 grants to carry out their Social Action Project on 10 April 2014 as part of the Student Leadership strand under the British Council’s Connecting Classrooms programme.

The Chief Guest during the ceremony was Anuradha Koirala, a renowned Social Activist who has dedicated her life exclusively to rescuing victims of girls trafficking in Nepal. During the grant ceremony she expressed her heartfelt gratitude towards British Council for initiating such a youth oriented social action project. She further added that “By mobilising the youths, they will learn to become responsible citizens and transform their carefree attitude. As a result of that they will be able to bring change in creating social awareness in the society.”

The Social Action Projects which are student-led initiative range from various themes like raising awareness on road safety, HIV aids, waste management, disability awareness to campaign against selling cigarettes and alcohol to minors. In January, the award winning schools had also participated in a two day workshop on student voice and leadership and guidance on implementing their upcoming projects. Their individual school project proposed will help the students tackle issues and also enhance their understanding of local issues. The time duration allotted for completion of their project is three months.

The ceremony also showcased the highlights of the past Social Action Projects conducted by schools through a short visual documentary. Two schools representatives shared their fruitful learning experience and outcome they had achieved after engaging in the social action project last year.

Before handing out the cheques to the student council members, Anuradha Koirala concluded by “urging the students to be passionate and socially motivated if they want to bring change highlighting that even an individual contribution can make a difference.”

While on the other hand, the students unanimously voiced out “Being a part of Social Action Project will give us the opportunity to move beyond classroom lessons and help us to develop and enhance our leadership and team building skills by learning and doing to put our local social issues into action to “Lead, Change and Inspire”. 

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