IOH Grant Call
  1. Research and Insights on Creative Green Economy in Nepal
  2. Design & Curation: Documenting & Showcasing Creative Green Economy Findings

The British Council is committed to fostering youth entrepreneurship and preserving Nepal's rich natural and cultural heritage. This grant focuses on researching, documenting, innovatively showcasing and disseminating the British Council's research findings and evidence on the Creative Green Economy, aligning with its goal of the In Our Hands programme. 

The Research & Insights Grant recipient will play an important role in conducting research, generating valuable insights, and contributing to the development of influential policy materials. The Design & Curation Grant recipient will capture photo/video documentation during the research phase, craft visual content to illustrate the Creative Green Economy model for broad dissemination, design a media campaign, and curate a June 2024 event to present recommendations - aiming for stakeholder engagement and action.  Please fill out the form to express your interest in our grant calls

For detailed insights into the grant's scope, expectations, and deadlines, please refer to the Terms of Reference (TOR) documents. Contact us at for any further inquiries.

Please note that the successful grant candidate will workshop their idea with the British Council's Creative Green Economy Working Committee to finalise it before proceeding with the proposed work.