Use tablet and gadgets to discover Digital Library Contents

Access our digital library from our premises or your home or on the go. 

Accessible anytime, anywhere!

Terms and conditions

  • Membership is open to residents of Nepal and age 18 years and above.
  • This is a trial membership offer until  31 July 2019.
  • So all the digital library membership issued will be free of charges until 31 July 2019.
  • We will let you know about the changes in the membership modality and pricing after the completion of the trial membership period. 
  • After the trial period, every member will be charged accordingly.
  • We will send you survey links in your email, to collect feedback on the digital offer we have put together for you.

Digital Library Survey

We are now seeking views from the existing and potential new users as to the future growth and development of the digital collection and whether it meets subscribers' needs. To that end we would be pleased if you could complete the brief survey which can be accessed here.