Want to bring an example of educational best practice to a wider audience?

The British Council is working with the Ministry of Education Science and Technology to produce a fascinating document which brings together the latest case studies on education practices for use in Nepal. The pieces will draw on key examples from classrooms in Nepal, South Asia and around the world. 

Sounds interesting? Take a look through the proposed case study topics and submit an outline (in less than 300 words) of what you would like to write for them. A solid understanding of the educational landscape in Nepal is an advantage. Please email your outline by 17 November 2019 at editor@britishcouncil.org.np 

Case studies from Nepal (1,500 words each; grant £350)

  • Involving communities in developing core skills in students outside the classroom
  • Teaching global citizenship and global learning in school
  • Teaching critical thinking and problem-solving in the classroom
  • Teaching students the knowledge and skills to build a more responsible and sustainable future
  • Assessing project-based learning effectively in classrooms 
  • Benefits of local (community) and national school partnerships to enrich teaching and learning
  • Benefits of international school partnerships to enrich local teaching and learning
  • Embedding digital literacy in the classroom
  • School leaders designing their own continuous professional development 
  • The role of school leaders in supporting continuous professional development for teachers
  • Leading on effective quality assurance in schools
  • Developing student leadership 

*Please note that the grant will only be provided once approved by the Research Editor and the research is good for publication.

More at: International Perspective and Sponsored Research

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