This post will ensure successful delivery of activities for the ADB TA-9215 NEP:  Supporting School Sector Development Plan – Program Management, Coordination and Technical Support Team service contract package, which is being implemented by the British Council. 


Location Kathmandu
Duration 2.5 Years
Closing date Friday 23 August 2019

Role overview

  • Responsible for the delivery and management of the programme /contract through all stages of implementation
  • Ensure Value for money in project delivery
  • Ensuring that programme / contract is managed to ADB and British Council standards
  • Assisting Team Leader for the definition and delivery of a detailed inception plan for the project including timely delivery of reporting requirements
  • Responsible for relationships with all stakeholders including the ADB, Ministry of Education Science and Technology, its line agencies and other relevant stakeholders Managing the non-key expert programme management team 
  • Overseeing the management of the project office

In terms of experience:

5 years’ experience of:

  • Managing large scale projects for international donors  
  • Contract and client management for international donor agencies such as ADB or other agencies 
  • Financial planning and budget management of a large budget  
  • Effective team management in a variety of contexts  
  • Managing a project office and implementing and overseeing management systems 

How to apply

If you are interested to apply, for further information please click here.