60 years of creating opportunities and connecting people in Nepal
Shared History. Shared Future. 

60 years ago, the British Council was established in Nepal with the first British library to build friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of Nepal and the UK. 
60 years later, we have touched millions of lives through working with people and institutions from the education, language, skills, arts and youth sectors in Nepal, to build trust between the people of Nepal and the people of the UK.

Read some of the stories of the personalities who have worked with us in the past and helped us to grow the way we have.

Do you have a similar or extraordinary story connected with the British Council to share? Tell us your story with the hashtag #StoriesFromThePast #BritishCouncilNepal and we will feature you on our Facebook post. Or write to us directly at general.enquiry@britishcouncil.org.np